Feature Request - Custom Ranks and/or Global Rank Visibility

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Feature Request - Custom Ranks and/or Global Rank Visibility

Post by Pixel » Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:56 am

I know I mentioned this in the downtime thread, but I decided it would be best to make it a standalone feature request.

Custom Ranks/Titles-

I think currently the rank under my name is "Eiketsu - Mastermind". I think it would be nice if members with a certain number of posts (just throwing out the number 200 as an example) could change their rank to something custom. With such a feature, either no BBCode should be permitted, or limited strictly limited to basic text modifiers such as the following-

Code: Select all

(no urls or images should be allowed for custom rank title)

I realize this could be potential for trouble of course. So I would also like to suggest-

Global Rank/Title Visibility

An option in the Profile portion of the member control panel to show or hide one's rank. The way I envision it, hiding ones own rank would also make all others invisible, and showing it would make all others visible.

Ranks/Titles related to board management, such as Admin, Moderator, etc, should always be visible no matter what.

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